Ishaan Singh: The Nearest Planet

I twisted a knob and pressed a button to shut off the beep which indicated that I was about to reach my destination. After years of planning, and many failed attempts we had sent a ship with a passenger in space with the ability to travel in hyperspace. We had located the nearest inhabited planet and I was on my way there.

I had spent a lot of time in deep sleep and had just woken up.

From our reports I had heard that this young planet was trying to make contact as well. My ship’s radar picked up an object shuttling towards me. In anticipation of a fight, I readied my guns. It was a sleek, silver drone, with lots of guns. A guard drone, I realised. With a sudden jerk of my hand, my ship flew beneath it and went straight ahead, and saw my destination looming ahead of me.

After all the difficulties I had arrived. I smiled to myself as I looked at Planet Earth.

Ishaan Singh studies in Class IX of DPS, Faridabad.