Alancrita Feroze: I Can Make a Difference!

Leila gazed at the night sky with a longing in her heart. Her questions were unanswered. Her desires were unfulfilled. She wanted to be a space scientist, explore the universe. She wanted to go to a good school, not the ‘anganwadi’ to which she was forced to go. She did not learn anything there. She knew they had enough money for her to go to a good school, but why then was she here?

Questions and questions, but never any answer. Her mother would reply with a sad smile: “Wait until the right time, you will understand. You will know when time comes.”

Time passed. Leila grew into a healthy teenager. It was then that the secret unveiled! Her family was ostracized by society for a crime committed by her great-great-grandfather. They were treated as untouchables.

Her dreams of becoming a space scientist crashed to earth. But then she thought, “No, this is not fair I have to earn justice for my family. I need to do something. I cannot give up. I am Leila Chan and I can make a difference!”

Inspired by great leaders who had changed the world, she decided that she would abolish this unjust system. She made people aware of this injustice. She fought society and its leaders, and made the world a better place to live in. She

And she accomplished her dream. She became a space scientist! Leila Chan became one of the great scientists sought after by the entire world!

Her three qualities–dedication, hard work and determination–made it possible for her to reach the pinnacle of success.

Everybody has these three qualities but they may be hidden. We only need a little effort to bring them out. Will you try? Can you make the difference?

Alancrita Feroze, aged thirteen, studies in Grade 8 of Foster Billabong High International School, Mumbai.

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