Arjun Srivastava: Review of “Talking of Muskaan”

Talking of Muskaan is a very interesting book on a very sensitive subject. It is about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights. The main character Muskaan is not accepted by the students of her school and her friends because of who she is. She is expected to be “normal” like other girls in her class, and is supposed to be only attracted to boys. She is treated horribly by her friends and even their parents because she is a lesbian and chooses to be herself.

I enjoyed this book because it is a very well written novel about a very sensitive issue worldwide. It has a good plot along with some humour; but only for readers above thirteen because then only it will  be appropriate. Girls may be able to relate to this book better than boys because it addresses some girly experiences, like waxing.

My favourite character is Muskaan because she is headstrong and she does not let anybody’s opinions affect her. She goes through various obstacles that show her bravery and confidence about herself. She is a relatable character because there is always that one person who is different from everybody else and is not afraid to show it.

I dislike Prateek because of his attitude. He is always being rude and judgmental to a few characters like Muskaan and Subhojoy because of their differences. He is a very relatable character because he reminds me of a normal school bully.

I would love to read more, and I would have preferred if the book did not have an abrupt ending. Overall, it was a very well written book and I enjoyed it a lot.

Arjun Srivastava is thirteen and studies in Class VIII in The Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai.


One thought on “Arjun Srivastava: Review of “Talking of Muskaan””

  1. I totally agree with arjun. The book Talking of Muskaan is really amazing. I really liked the book very much and i really enjoyed reading it but i have only one regret that the book didnt ended well. The ending left me with lots of questions that keeps hindering my mind. Like what would have happened with muskaan, did she became normal again and what about aaliya and subojoy and prateek and rashika. I really wanted to know about them all. I really wish that the author Ms.Himanjali Sankar continue writing a sequel to it and make it a series. It would be really fun to continue reading it. Its really a good book that especially girls could connect to easily and would enjoy reading it. The author has covered the topics so nicely that is considered abnormal in a country and is nt easily accepted. I really liked the way the author has presented it making it easy to read,understand and at the same time enjoy it with a


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