Imran Batra: The Letter

They say that people are judged by what they leave behind, not what they were…

Well in that case, I can’t be judged.

Would you have liked me, I think?

Would you have taped my first walk, my first word, my first birthday?

Would you have helped me out in bad times,

And rewarded me in good ones?

Would you scold me for stealing biscuits from the top shelf, at 12 o’ clock at night?

Or catch me, help me and share my delight?

Would you see me off everyday, to school?

Would you laugh, when I’d smell your brownies and drool?

Would you be proud of your daughter?

Would you treat me like a queen?

And would you know I’d love you even if I had called you mean?

Would you cry of happiness, seeing me graduate?

And clap the loudest, when I’d get engaged?

Would you hold my hand when I’d be sad?

And keep your cool, never get mad?

Would you love me the way I’d love you?

Well, now, we’ll never know.

If only you had said you wanted a daughter,

If only you would’ve let me live,

We could have been happy,

But you chose abortion instead…


Imran Batra is thirteen years old and studies in Class VIII at Step by Step School Noida.


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